Why You Should Use Facebook Ads for Marketing

Why You Should Use Facebook Ads for Marketing

Traditional marketing involves advertisements to reach a large base audience effectively. Facebook is no different. It also allows businesses to market their products and brands through Facebook ads. 

Available in different formats, Facebook ads are used by 92% of social media marketers. They are becoming a priority because organic traffic does not drive engagements as effectively. Moreover, they help you acquire new customers and increase brand awareness at a fast pace and a low rate. 

In this part of the Facebook marketing blog, we give you a sneak peek of the Facebook Ads and why it is high time you should hop onto this bandwagon. Let’s go!

Why Use Facebook Ads for Marketing?

They are a Powerhouse of Analytics

Facebook ads analytics are like report cards but in real-time. They have granulated analytics for every ad to a scale where all you have to do is analyze them. Everything, including conversion rates, engagement rate, bounce rate, CPC, CPM, is laid out for you within Ads Manager. All you need to do is keep exploring the insights, analyze them, and determine your next step. 

They allow you to Cater Micro Target-Specific Ads

If you are targeting your Facebook ads at your audience under a big umbrella, you are doing it wrong. Once you explore the target capabilities of Facebook ads, there is no going back. 

It allows psychographic targeting with general demographic targeting. You have the option to target based on interests, behaviors, age ranges, connections, locations, or languages. Even the fans of your competitor are not off-limit. Layer and combine these targets to micro-target your audience.

They Allow Remarketing to Your Audience

Facebook ads also allow you to reach out to new audiences who are not aware of your existence. However, if you think they will increase your engagement or conversion rate at once, you are wrong. A user does not convert in one touchpoint. You need to retarget them at least three to seven times to take an action. Fb remarketing ads allow you to do so by showing your ad to a specific customer multiple times, depending on their action. It increases the chance of a conversion. 

Simple and Advanced Facebook Ad Solutions

You can use Facebook ads for the following objectives - 

Page Ad

You can promote your business page to gather more engagements. It helps you to get more people to like and follow your page.

Website Ad

Website ads promote your business website and redirect traffic to it. You get new visitors to your website.

Promote CTA 

A CTA-based ad improves conversion rate. By customizing it to your current objective, you get genuine leads.

Lead Generation

Ads Manager allows you to collect lead information from people who are interested in your products or brand through lead generation ads.


It pushes people to take valuable actions for your business such as making a purchase.

Brand Awareness

It allows your target audience to know more about you. It also targets people who are not aware of your business. 

Facebook ads follow a learning curve. They can take your business to new heights but do not expect results overnight. Dedicate time, test your ads, and keep modifying. 

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