Why Content is ‘King’? - Part 7

Why Content is ‘King’? - Part 7

With your keen interest and effort, we have successfully made it to the last part of our SEO series. From introducing SEO to optimizing your website, we have covered every aspect of this powerful marketing tactic.

Today, we are here with the most awaited topic of SEO, and that is - Content. You must be thinking, why are we discussing it last? It should be a priority. But content creation is not a one-step process. It is a complete strategy that takes time to implement and show results. 

Content is everything from text to images and videos that informs, educates, and converts your visitors. Now, the question is - what makes content the “King?” Unique, engaging, and stimulating content that compels users to take action is the one that makes the difference. 

So, how would you create such content? 

You have a number of content marketing options available to you:


Blogs are an excellent way to educate your audience about your products and services. Whatever industry you belong to, blogging keeps you engaged with your audience and creates much-needed influence in the market. 

Add value to your blog, writing exceptional pieces with quality as your priority over quantity. How-tos, guides, tips, and tricks, and listicles are effective blog content types. 

Landing Page Content 

This must be your priority when you start to write content for your website. The landing page or product page is where your visitors will be directed when they click your ad. It is all about persuading them to take action, whether it is filling out a lead form or making a purchase.

Make sure the content is highly appealing yet easy-to-understand with clear calls to action (CTA). 

Case Studies

Nothing is more persuasive than real stories. Case studies help your readers understand how your product solved a particular problem. It can be a strategy or a step-by-step procedure you followed, helping your clients grow. 

Enrich your success story with research, original facts and figures, and real characters. 


A smart combination of information and graphics, these pieces provide a great learning experience to your readers. If you don’t feel like creating a long-from listicle or a full-fledged post on statistics, go ahead with infographics. It is an entertaining way of presenting information full of facts, figures, charts, and pictures. 

Don’t overwrite your infographics. Include information that is most important for your audience to know. 


There’s no other way than videos to keep your audience hooked with your content. A video can be anything from introductory videos to product descriptions and storytelling. 

You don’t have to get your hands dirty into creating videos. Hire a professional video marketing company to put creativity and knowledge into practice. But, you do have to think out-of-the-box for the content in your videos. 

eBooks and Whitepapers

eBooks and whitepapers represent your thought-leadership on a particular topic. While eBooks are long-form descriptive content that covers a topic in-depth, white papers are research-based pieces that support your content with proper facts and figures.

All you need is a great topic and a credible writer to do the job for you. These content types come under premium content (downloadable), for which people exchange their email addresses. Make sure you provide equal value in return. 

Time to wrap up! We hope this guide turned out to be productive for you. Many more such guides are on their way. So, stay tuned with us!

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