Which Ad Type Works Best for You? - Social Media Marketing - Part 3

Which Ad Type Works Best for You? - Social Media Marketing - Part 3

Let’s admit - learning social media advertising is super-interesting! It lets you promote your products, services, book more jobs, build a credible market presence and more, with the capability to reach large audiences and monitor conversions all from your home or office (or home-office). What’s cooler than that?! 

Today, we are back with another exciting post on social media advertising. In case you haven’t read our previous, part 2 blog, you can read it here. Now, to level up your marketing tactics and bring consistent revenue from day one, we are listing some result-oriented social media advertising options. Each of these options has its own unique marketing value - you can pick one or more ads by considering the target market, platform, and user demographics. 

Take a look at these social media options to plan your sponsored ads strategy. 

Social Media Advertising Options for Sponsored Ads

As you browse through different social media platforms, you will see numerous forms of ads suitable for specific campaign objectives. Well, which social media platforms perform organically well for your brand is the foremost consideration before you invest in any ad type. 

Different networks have different layouts and content options. Here are some common types of ad-options that you can utilize in your campaigns and posts - 

Photo Ads

The most common type of sponsored ads is photo ads that you can use on social media. It includes an image that can be uploaded along with a text of 125 characters and a contact or shopping link that directs the users to the landing page. If you are planning to launch new products, you can use these photo ads to showcase your newly launched products.

Video Ads

Similar to photo ads, video ads are also uploaded the same way, but it uses a video in place of an image. The video length may vary, they can either be short, lasting a few seconds, or up to 240 minutes. 

Videos can be the most efficient way to educate your target audience by explaining the features of your products or services, or your brand. Including a video that’s featuring more in-depth product information can be of great use for the audience and can drive massive traffic and engagement. We would recommend your initial video (we’ll cover retargeting more in depth videos in another Wednesday) to be short (around 15-20 seconds) to build quick interest and drive great traffic. 

Carousel Ads

After photo and video ads, you may want to showcase your product collection or upload ten videos in one go, then a carousel ad may be your ad type choice. You can use carousel ads as how-to guides, or present a few service packages that are great to provide maximum information to your audience in one go! 

Slideshow Ads

Slideshow ads help marketers create a beautiful combination of photos and video ads to narrate their brand story or product usage. Another interesting thing about slideshow ads is that it doesn’t require much internet speed as video ads do. Moreover, it allows driving more attention as it doesn’t require much time or effort necessary to produce a short movie. Now to make it more appealing and resonate with your audience, pick a theme for all your images. You can use it to show your bestselling collection or show service packages your agency covers.

Messenger Ads

Similar to standard photo ads, messenger ads are another great option to reach around 2 billion monthly active users. However, it appears on the Facebook Messenger home screen rather than standard feed. It is best to drive engagement as you can ask your customers to ask questions or leave comments. We would recommend you to target a specific set of audience that messages you.

Live Stories

Live story ads on Instagram work well for product launches where you can upload a photo or video that’s available for 24 hours. It is great for specific targeting because it shows only those who choose to view your stories. These are completely cost-free and give you a similar level of targeting that other ads do. Suitable for limited-time opportunities, you can use it to communicate information about sales or exclusive experiences.

Not sure where to start? 

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