What You’ll Need for Your First Social Media Campaign!

What You’ll Need for Your First Social Media Campaign!

To keep your interest in social media advertising alive, we are back with yet another post on social media advertising. If you haven’t read our last blog, read it here.

Running back to today’s topic, have you ever wondered what makes some of the social media campaigns go insanely popular, and others not? If you often sit on the sidelines and put in huge amounts of time to crack the code of a perfect campaign, let us tell you the perfect recipe. 

A beautiful blend of paid media, earned media, and owned media sparks the growth, engagement, site traffic, and sales by offering maximum exposure. Setting up your ad campaigns strategically is equally important to achieve higher sales and conversions. In this article, we’ll share how you can set up your first social media campaign successfully. 

7 Easy Steps to Set Up Your Social Media Campaign

Whether there is a product launch, event promotion, or brand awareness, let’s explore the perfect recipe for a paid social media campaign in seven simple steps.

Step 1: Define your budget

Deciding a feasible budget for your paid ads is the first step to consider. 

Discuss with your marketing team and set the budget for your campaign. Once you have a budget to work, make sure you segregate it well and keep 1/3rd of it to stay competitive in case you have to adjust the bid levels. 

Step 2: Define your purpose and platform

Define the purpose of your campaign if you wish to get the desirable results. Which of the following purposes are you working on?

  • Build a community for better brand awareness

  • Get maximum engagement through likes, comments or shares

  • Generate qualified leads from your loyal followers

  • Get conversions for your content 

If you plan to cover all the above, then try planning an overall campaign that works effectively at every step. After you are done with deciding your campaign goal, determine the social media platform for your campaign by assessing the maximum numbers of leads.

Step 3: Determine your target audience

Build a buyer persona to understand your target audience. Your buyer persona must include all important factors such as location, age, gender, income, and interests. As soon as you get a clear idea of your target audience, you can plan your campaign well.

Step 4: Plan your campaign and bid level

How long do you want to run your campaigns? Schedule your content with the help of a well planned social media calendar. Decide on the specific start and end dates around your social media campaign. 

Next, decide on the bid amount because each social media platform requires it. If you don’t know what a bid is, then it is the amount of money you are willing to spend to get your ads shown. As you decide on the bid, you will get suggestions and information on how companies are spending on a specific ad type. Don’t go overboard at the start; instead, it’s smart to be somewhere in the middle.

Step 5: Create an “ad set” for your campaign

The next step is to create ad sets with supporting visuals to make it more appealing. You can include photos, or a video clip along with a click-through link, and a posted message. Your ads have to be approved by the social media platform you choose to promote your business. Make sure that you don’t include content more than 20%; otherwise, it will be denied. Keep it focused on visuals and post messages, instead of design content.

Step 6: It’s time to launch your campaign

After your ad set is approved by the social media platform, you can finally launch the campaign. As soon as your ads are launched, they will automatically post at the designated date and time. All your ads will show up in the news feed of your target audience with a sponsored tag. People who find it useful and appealing will follow you through.

Step 7: Monitor and measure the results

Continuous monitoring and measurement are some of the important elements of a fantastic social media campaign. As you can’t continue to guess the impact of your campaign, pull in all paid campaign metrics in one place for analysis and further improvement.

It will give you a fair idea of which ads are performing best with this tool. Since you can’t do that manually; so, you can use online tools to automate the process. Online tools will help you keep a constant check over the comments and overall engagement. Following that, you can adjust your bids and continue with your campaign. 

Get Ready to Launch Your First Social Media Campaign with Iron Marketers.

Now that you are well-acquainted with setting up a social media campaign, it’s time to start your own. 

If you need any help to start a paid ad campaign, we would love to assist you. We are experienced in building out solid and measurable paid social media campaigns.