What is Google’s EEAT and Why it Matters for Your Business

What is Google’s EEAT and Why it Matters for Your Business

Google has always been secretive about its search algorithms, and webmasters need to decode these algorithms to ensure that their website ranks higher on search engine results. One such algorithm, that has been gaining more prominence, is Google’s EEAT. EEAT stands for Experience, Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness, and it is becoming increasingly important for businesses worldwide. If you’re a business owner, and you don’t know what EEAT is, then this blog post is for you.

What is EEAT?

In a nutshell, EEAT pertains to the ways in which Google derives the quality of a website concerning the experience it offers to its readers. It looks at various factors to decide whether the content provided on the site is authoritative, trustworthy, and expert. Google has made it clear, time and again, that they want to offer the best search results to users. The EEAT metric is how they ensure that the sites that appear on the top are providing quality content and information.

Why is EEAT Essential?

EEAT has become crucial for businesses since it can have a profound impact on their online presence. Google considers EEAT as an integral part of its algorithm and has introduced several updates, including the Medic update, that focused on the quality of content presented. According to Google, pages that are low in these metrics are more likely to be pushed down the ranking. It means that businesses need to focus on optimizing their EEAT scores if they want to remain visible in the online marketplace.

How to Improve Your EEAT Score?

Iron Marketers Platform automatically adds elements that help improve your EEAT Score, but here are few examples where you can help boost your score. Improving your EEAT score involves careful optimization of the content offered on your website. Google employs E-E-A-T raters who look for specific indicators such as high-quality content, trustworthy external links, user engagement metrics, website security, and an author’s reputation. The following steps can help you improve your EEAT Scores:

  • Offer high-quality content that adds value for users

  • Publish content that’s relevant, accurate, and up-to-date

  • Aim for a positive user experience

  • Focus on building backlinks from authoritative sources

  • Establish your business as an expert in your niche by posting original, engaging, and informational content

  • Optimize your website for mobile and ensure website security to build trust with your audience

The Future of EEAT

Google’s algorithms are ever-evolving, and we can expect EEAT to become even more crucial in the years to come. As users continue to seek authoritative and trustworthy information, businesses will need to keep up with the changes to remain visible. After all, when it comes to Google, everything is about providing the best user experience possible. To stay ahead in the competition, businesses must keep a sharp eye on their EEAT scores and be proactive in making the necessary changes to meet Google’s standards.

In conclusion, EEAT is an essential part of Google’s search algorithm, and it can positively impact your online presence. As a business owner, neglecting your EEAT score can lead to a fall in search engine rankings, and we all know what that means. If you’re an Iron Marketers client, we’re already implementing EEAT on your website. If you’re not, and want to learn more about how to get your site to rank and convert, reach out to us, we’d love to hear from you!