The Ultimate Marketing Secret Revealed!

The Ultimate Marketing Secret Revealed!

You’re probably reading this email because the subject line had you wanting to learn more. And that’s exactly the secret; keep them wanting more. The simple answer of capturing their attention and having them craving more, is only one part of it. How great is a message or subject if no one sees it? You’ve also got to get that attention capturing message in front of them, and a great way to do that is through email marketing. 

Did you know that the average response rate to opening marketing emails is just 10%? Understandably as people are inundated with marketing emails daily but what’s the difference between the 90% that get ignored, deleted or reported as spam and the 10% that people actually engage in?

Opening the email is typically constructed from the subject line, but on top of opening we want them to also engage, and that comes from a well written and presented email content. Writing emails is a lesser-known art, and to perfect it, you'll need to practice. For example, you’ll also need to use a friendly and persuasive marketing tone to engage people and make them want to click your call to action.

So in a perfect scenario, not only do they open it but they take the action desired from it. 

Here’s what you need to know to maximize your return on your email marketing.

How to Do Email Blast, The Right Way?

Email marketing is one of the most powerful methods to sell your commercial enterprise or promote something through exceptionally well-written emails. This marketing approach includes sending cold emails to your potential customers, explaining the benefits of hiring your services, or buying products from your brand. 

A customer-centric email might not turn perfect in a single day, and the more effort you put into creating a compelling, attractive mail thread, the more effective it will be. If you wish to get some tips to enhance your email marketing game, here are some of the most effective ones: 

Write a killer subject line

That fancy template you chose and the excellent copy you wrote depends on a single line - The Subject Line. And how to write one? Give an immediate benefit of what the reader will get if he opens your message in no more than 40-45 characters.

Work on achieving data accuracy

Your email marketing efforts aren't fruitful if your emails do not reach your customers' inboxes. Accuracy and pace are essential factors in any email, and an email should offer a quick click through to your calling numbers, zip codes, and website URLs. 

Consider giving a free trial

Exclusive offers like free trials and festive discounts entice the end-user to open your emails faster. Try hosting a lucky draw or a contest to grab the user's attention and hold it for a while. 

Establish a clear Call to Action

Recipients have to recognize precisely what you want them to do with the message. Keep your email short and hint at where you want the user to land, and use a button at the end that will take them there. 

Watch your language

If your email is caught in an unsolicited mail filter, your messages will in no way reach customers. Furthermore, you can end up in an international problem if you fail to comply with the CAN-SPAM. The unsolicited spam mail is 0.2%

Don't mess up your first connection

Keep away from the hard promotion when you're making initial contact with an email subscriber. Instead, construct rapport and familiarity. In short, introduce yourself, your business, or the service you offer.  

Personalize your emails 

Bulk emails work, personalization engages customers in the long run. Separate your subscriber base into batches based on their interest, demographics, or industry and send out emails relevant to their needs for an increased click-through rate. 

Review your emails on more than one system 

Check your email's display over various devices to ensure your message is delivered efficiently across channels. Optimize it for mobile screens as more than 80% of the population open emails using their smartphones.

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