The Best Instagram Ad Type & How to Choose?

The Best Instagram Ad Type & How to Choose?

Over 2 million monthly advertisers have realized the effectiveness of Instagram advertising in recent years. Many are on the path to embracing Instagram advertisements in the future. As a result, brands are fighting their way to create engaging and well-targeted Instagram ad campaigns. Looking at the rising demands for Instagram advertising, we have already discussed different Instagram ads in our previous post. 

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So, for all those who are looking forward to increasing their Instagram followers and making sales but are confused about what would work and what would not, need not worry! We are here with yet another anticipated topic- Best Instagram Ad Types. So, let’s begin:

Choosing the Best Instagram Ad Type

When it comes to choosing the best Instagram Ad type, the critical thing to consider is for whom you are creating ads? By this, we mean your target audience.

Why do you want people to come and visit your page? What are you offering to your audience through your ad? Here we are talking about your intent. If your intent matches with the consumer intent and you are showing what your consumer wants to see; then, you are on the right track.

You must focus on your goal of advertising on Instagram. You can start by reviewing your social media marketing strategy, which will give you a fair idea about the set goals. As and when you know the crux of your marketing strategy, try to analyze whether the actions align well with the ad format or not. 

How to Choose the Best Instagram Ad Type

Looking at 1 billion people using Instagram every month, it has become the topmost avenue to promote business through visuals provided that you know the best Instagram ad for your page. Let’s discuss the points you should consider before picking an ad type:


If you are a startup and want to create brand awareness, then an awareness campaign is best for your business. Following the below parameters is ideal for you when you are running ad campaigns to raise awareness.


When it comes to social media reach, you would want more and more people to follow you. Here images are best to create that first impression from where people would start recognizing you.


Frequency is another critical parameter when you want to create awareness about your brand. You cannot post once on your social media handle and get lost for months. To be on people’s minds, you need to maintain consistency. Image ads are still a better option to be consistent with your content.


When we talk about creating a connection with people, you need to target those who wait to see your ads. Here videos and carousel ads have proven successful in creating a better relationship with people as they portray your message clear and loud. Moreover, if you are trying to target your local audience, images and carousel ads have been successful at fetching offline visits to the store. Also, slideshow ads can be great in this regard.

Educating Audience

If you have reached a set follower base on social media, your next step is to educate people about your products and services. Here are three important parameters you need to consider:


When you want to educate your audience about what you do, you need to have massive traffic. Here all ad types will work fine to generate the desired traffic that will surely spark conversation about your brand.


Sparking a conversation isn’t enough; you need people to interact with your content. If you want people to give your ad a like, comment, or share, make it impressive and engaging. Also, make sure the content you post resonates with your audience. Only then you can have the desired effect. You can repost old advertisements that got you the best engagement in the past.

Video Views

Videos are a great way to educate your people about how your product and service work. If you are considering Instagram and have invested in videos, either you can go for a 60-second video ad on the main feed or a 15-second story ad. Make sure you include a CTA or swipe up feature on the story ad. It will give visitors the path to action that will drive traffic to your website, which is the ultimate goal of every business.

Final Conversions

If your goal is to drive conversions and increase your sales, you should run a conversion-based campaign. Here are the parameters you should consider while picking the ad types for any conversion-based campaign.

Website Conversions

If you want to drive conversions (sales, leads, signups) for your website, focus on getting your message clear. You can upload videos or images or carousels to show your product catalog, followed by a CTA.

Mobile App Installs

Instagram being the mobile-first platform, is the right avenue for you to encourage mobile app installs. Here you give your user the liberty to view, download, and use your app through mobile. All ad types will go well here and drive the desired results. Moreover, you can create custom audiences based on app activity to keep your audience engaged. For this, you need the Facebook SDK implemented in your app for iOS or Android, and they will specify the events.

Apart from this, you must target the right audience before you jump into the campaigns because that will also help you to pick the right ad type. You can consider targeting differently for different ad types. Have a look at different targeting options:

  1. Location-based targeting to reach different geographical areas 

  2. Interest-based targeting to reach an audience based on their interest. The basic categories include: 

  • Business & industry

  • Entertainment

  • Family & relationships

  • Fitness & wellness

  • Food & drink

  • Hobbies & activities

  • Shopping & fashion

  • Sports & outdoors

  • Technology 

  1.   Targeting people who already have a relationship with your business.  

  2. Automated targeting that includes demographics, behavior, and lookalike audience

In today’s time when Instagram has risen to be a popular content sharing platform, make sure you craft ads that are engaging, valuable, and resonate with people. Above were some general tips to pick the best ad type. If you still have questions and are concerned about where to invest your money, consult Iron Marketers. You will get an expert team that will help you to carve your way in aggressive business marketing digitally!

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