Steps to Optimize Your Facebook Ads

Steps to Optimize Your Facebook Ads

Facebook, one of the largest social networks, and Facebook Ads are critical to the success of your brand. We have discussed how a major chunk of the digital marketing industry is benefiting from Facebook Ads in our previous blog. However, many brands fail to leverage the optimum usage of Facebook Ads. 

Facebook ads can become one of the biggest assets for the success of your brand. However, the Facebook arena is highly competitive. If you are not channelizing maximum efforts at optimizing your Facebook ads, you will keep struggling. 

Therefore, in our last section of the Facebook Marketing series, we bring you tips and strategies to optimize your Facebook ads to amp up your marketing game. Let’s go!

Tips for Facebook Ad Optimization

Optimize Engagement on Your Existing Posts

When we talk about optimizing your Facebook ad, you are probably on your way to create a new ad. This is where you are going wrong. 

Instead of creating new ads for every campaign, you can use the existing posts and create an ad set. Collecting the post engagements of the campaign under a single ad is an optimization strategy to boost the success of your Facebook campaign. 

You can do so by using your existing post and set up multiple ad campaigns and publish it as a promotional post. Every time you want to set a new campaign, select that post. 

Begin Using Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel is an effective and easy-to-use tool to put a Facebook Ad conversion tracker code on your website. It allows you to track how your audience is interacting with the website. In the hindsight, it defines the valuable data for part of your target audience that is contributing to your valuable leads. It will help you target new prospects easily. 

You can move a step further by adding the Facebook Pixel tool to your popup campaigns. 

Experiment With the FTO Method

If you are expecting your Facebook ad campaign to blow off instantly, you are expecting a little too much. Ad campaigns may take a couple of days to deliver results, especially for a brand with a limited budget. To accelerate the optimization process, you can use the FTO, Fast Take Off method. 

According to it, you should assign daily or lifetime budgets that exceed your planned budget. Do not use accelerated delivery to focus on ad quality and cost. Once you have enough impressions, evaluate what is working and what is not. Once the campaign takes off, lower your budget to your planned one. 

Plan Your Ad Schedule

Marketers think it is best if the ad campaign is running 24/7 so that it reaches the audience at all hours and days of the week. However, your ad will perform better if you figure out the schedule when the ad works exceptionally well. 

To know the week-wise and hour-wise performance of your ad, check the Facebook Ads Manager reports. You will find the breakdown of your campaigns there. Discover the best performance timing for your ads. 

The optimization of Facebook Ads is an ongoing process of trial and error. If you invest time in employing these optimization techniques, your campaign growth rate will accelerate. 

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