Social Media Metrics That Matter

Social Media Metrics That Matter

5 Important Social Media Metrics You Shouldn’t Ignore

Woohoo! You've done it - your social media campaign has taken off and is trending like wildfire. Your social media analytics tool displays a resounding success with thousands of likes, shares, and comments.  

But don't get too comfortable in that winner's seat just yet; there are still some hidden figures behind all those red hearts which could reveal the true measure of how effective your social media efforts were.  

With so many metrics and insights, it’s easy to get lost in the numbers and lose sight of what’s important. Determining the most vital metrics is the first step if you’re wondering how to measure social media marketing performance. 

In this blog, let’s dive into social media metrics' meaning and how to measure social media engagement through vital metrics. 

5 Social Media Metrics for Measuring Success 

If you’re wondering what social media metrics are, they are the data points that show the performance of your social media strategy. Let’s go over which ones are essential -  


Your social media reach is the total number of unique views on your post. Tracking is vital as it shows if your content is getting in front of your audience.  

Note that reach isn’t affected if your post is viewed multiple times. It is affected by unique views.  

A valuable sub-metric of reach is to assess the ratio of followers and unfollowers. It shows whether your users, the algorithm, or both support your content. 


Impressions define the total number of times your audience sees your content. Unlike reach, it counts each view, even if it was by the same person multiple times. So your impressions can be higher than your reach. 

A good impression means your post is sticky and worth viewing several times.  

Follower Growth Rate 

The speed at which you gain new followers is your follower growth rate. While your follower count is increasing directly on your social media metrics dashboard, the percentage increase (or decrease) from your previous follower count is more helpful. It shows your growth velocity and helps you set clear goals.  

Social Share of Voice (SSoV) 

SSoV is the number of people talking about your brand compared to your competitors. This social media metric represents your visibility and domination within your industry on social media.  

Engagement Rate 

Engagement refers to the number of likes, comments, and shares on your posts. It shows how actively involved your audience is with you and, thus, helps you understand the quality of your content.  

An improvement in engagement rate impacts almost every other social media metric.  

Closing Words 

Social media metrics directly indicate whether your strategy is working, and you can’t make an informed decision without tracking them. So, consider your social media marketing strategy's metrics and assess them regularly.  

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