5 Secrets to Finding Your Cash Cow!

5 Secrets to Finding Your Cash Cow!

How to Make Your Digital Marketing Work for You.

A lot of articles wait until the end to let you know. Or, they lead you on with a long write up, full of anticipation and then don’t tell you until you pay.

We’re different here, we’re going to tell you upfront. But that doesn’t mean to not read the remaining, as it has the secrets to the sauce!

I’d imagine if you’ve read this far, it’s probably because of the heading. That simple heading isn't so simple. This is the make or break factor in getting people to read your copy. And copy can be the difference between landing a cash cow or striking out. Be aware of your ads, blogs, social posts, web pages, etc. copy, it’s vital to ones marketing success.

“Pass the Heinz” - when Heinz first used this copy, it resulted in 2.6 billion media impressions and $55 million in earned media

The “Just Do It” campaign of Nike contributed to increasing its share of the North American domestic sport-shoe business from 18% to 43%.

These iconic ad copies are proof that copywriting can make a huge impact on the revenue of your business. However, the competition is stiff - you get no more than a few seconds to grab the attention of your audience with your ad. The glaring question is why anyone should click your ad instead of your competitors or at all?

To stand out in the crowd, your ads need click-worthy and persuasive ad copies. Here’s how you can create one!

5 Tips to Write Click-Worthy Ad Copy

Understand Your Audience

David Ogilvy, the ad copy legend, advised knowing the following before crafting a copy - 

  • Who you’re writing for
  • How that person thinks
  • What that person needs

You are writing the ad copy for your audience. Hence, write copies that target them. Know your ideal customers, and figure out what they want from you. Be it a compelling feature or a targeted pain point, market research and customer interactions will help you target the pulse of your audience. 

Optimize Your Headline

Headlines can make or break your click-through rate as 8 out of 10 people only read headlines. Your headline should convey that -

The product or service in concern is useful to the audience.

A sense of urgency.

The idea you are selling is unique.

Don’t try to be too informative, or too clever in the headline. Send across the message most simply and intuitively. 

Choose Words That Evoke Emotions

Emotions move people. It engages them and compels them to take the desired action. Therefore, use such words in your copy that are bound to evoke emotions. 

20% of the words in the English language are considered to be words that have emotional marketing value. Write your headlines with 50-75% of such words. Your triggering words will define the degree of action people take on your ads. 

Include Numbers in Headlines

Your ad copy should be specific and give the viewer a clear idea of what to expect after clicking it. Are you wondering how to do that? Well, use numbers as your secret armor.

According to a study by Conductor, the headlines with numbers in them perform the best. In an even interesting study, it is found that using odd numbers gets more clicks than even numbers. You can see us doing the same in our headings!

Write a Strong CTA

Your ad becomes effective when it prompts your target audience to take action. Use strong Call-to-Actions (CTAs) to get the desired response. 

It could be tempting to use passive phrases. However, using direct, hard-hitting verbs yield positive results. Put efforts and go beyond simple terms such as ‘Click here’ - they are the lowest-performing CTAs. Instead, write CTAs that give a sense of urgency by providing a limited time frame or exclusivity, or by anticipating your audience’s potential concerns. 

We agree, writing convertible ad copies is no easy feat. In fact, you can easily go wrong mastering the cryptic elements of copywriting. Therefore, take assistance from a digital marketing agency such as Iron Marketers to get the experts to strategize your content curation. Give us a call at (916) 301-4766 to know more about us.