Marketing Blunders Every Business Should Avoid

Marketing Blunders Every Business Should Avoid

As an entrepreneur, you might have often come across this thought, “Marketing is hard, and not everyone can do it.”

However, you’ll be surprised to know that you can ace your brand’s marketing and scale your ROI with minimum knowledge. With a little creativity, you can enhance customer interest and generate leads for your business. While it sounds overwhelming in the beginning, you can avoid some common mistakes to get better results. Here are 3 of these blunders and how you can avoid them.

3 Common Marketing Mistakes (and how to avoid them!)

Avoiding Marketing

The major mess-up you can make with marketing is by not doing it. For instance, you may think you have an incredible product/service, and your customer will find you no matter how long it may take. Let’s burst a myth for you. Customers won’t know about you until you tell them. Many CEOs or key decision-makers of a brand may feel it awkward to self-promote their product/service. However, when it comes to marketing, not promoting your business is a disgrace to your product and the team that has worked to build it.

What to avoid?

Don’t blabber about your product. Instead, take a real-life scenario to explain what problem your product/service has solved. Connect with a potential lead on an emotional level to drive product value. 

Ignoring Social Media Marketing

Budding startups and developing businesses are in dire need of using SMM, yet we come across several businesses putting SMM on the sideline. Scaling businesses with top-ranked keywords, and increasing digital footprint via SEO sounds good, but to let your customer know the face behind your brand, you should show up where your customer stays - Social Media Platforms. Many entrepreneurs avoid Social Media Marketing due to the inefficiency of marketing agencies. However, finding the right marketing agency that fits in your brand’s requirements isn’t tough. We can help you too ;).

What to avoid?

Get an in-house team or hire an experienced marketing agency for your brand’s social media marketing. Always look into the portfolio of an agency before hiring one. 

Not considering guest blogging opportunities 

One of the simplest, generally famous and most demonstrated strategies to get more traffic brand visibility and leads is to create guest posts for online news sites. That’s why it becomes more important for entrepreneurs to consider it. There are a lot of opportunities out there. Content hubs like Huffington Post, Problogger, and Lifehacker are continually searching for unique content. 

What to avoid?

A way of discovering a visitor contributing to a blog opportunity is to just search "guest blogging sites [enter your industry]." Once you track down a couple of content hubs suitable for your brand, go through their rules and submit your article. 

Not only will guest posting enhance your website traffic and brand visibility, but you’ll also get guest authors who’d like to collaborate with you for creating content. 

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