Instagram Ads - Best Practices

Instagram Ads - Best Practices

When we have a look at Instagram news feed, we realize that the presence of many brands and businesses have contributed to the creativity of Instagram. Their creativity inspires many to take action and drive brand awareness amongst the millennial audience. However, there is a ton of competition on Instagram; so, you have to make sure that you follow the best possible ways to lure the audience into your brand.

Observing the need to make perfectly crafted ad campaigns, last week we posted a blog on impressive Instagram ads - if you haven’t read it yet, have a look here. However, today, we are directing our focus towards the best practices and ad tips that will help you get the most out of your campaign. So, Let’s begin:

Instagram Ads Tips and Best Practices

Instagram is a visual-centric platform, here showcasing your brand in the most creative way that drives you massive attention. Following simple tips and practices will enhance the effectiveness of your campaign and lead you to success. Let’s have a look:

Incorporate Your Brand Essence in Images

Around 32% of marketers claim images to be a crucial form of content for their business. When you use images on your Instagram handle, make sure to incorporate your brand’s essence and elements. By the brand’s essence, we mean color schemes, fonts, and the brand logo that can be subtly used so that the audience will gradually start recognizing it. Moreover, it is recommended that bright colors should be used to make it unique and loud visually. 

Considering your audience’s mindset, the images you choose should complement your ad campaign that sends a clear message to your audience about what your ad is all about. Go for a common theme to make it feel like a smooth transition that leads your audience from your ad to your landing page. Also, pick authentic lifestyle imagery showcasing the experience and not the product. It makes people feel relatable, which tends to outperform other image formats and drives people to take action.

Approach Your Audience through Easily Digestible Video Format

Video is a great marketing tool for 81% of businesses, which is to grow in the future, making its way into a critical form of marketing. Well, if you don’t have access to high-end video making tools, no worries, you can still make it through your smartphones and post it on Instagram. Experiment with different videos and themes to figure out what works best. 

Moreover, we would recommend you to create videos of less than 60 seconds. 15 seconds of video would be apt for story ads as people tend to drop off videos after 10 seconds. Also, make sure you promote your brand within the first 10 seconds of the video using different color themes, images, logos, and fonts.  

Apart from this, if you are using carousel ads, pick up to 10 cards and show them within 120 seconds in a video with interesting captions.

Use Instagram Feed and Instagram Explore Tab Wisely

When posting ads on Instagram, feed and explore tab, make sure your ad copy is descriptive and brief, which should complement your ad creative. We would recommend you to use square or portrait creatives as most of the people are browsing through mobile. Using images is always good, but try to add some motion that will surely enhance the engagement. Use beautifully edited boomeranging content serving as a perfect distraction for people in their spare time.

Be Creative and Smart to Stand Out

Lastly, we would say that being unique and unconventional while staying relevant is the key to entice the audience. You must be able to sell your part of the story through your ad creative. What’s better than a quality video that loops seamlessly? It will keep your audience engaged for hours without them realizing it. Also, use visuals that inspire your audience and don’t seem too “ad-like” with a bunch of promotional headlines and call-to-actions.

Stick with smart marketing by using segmented lists that will showcase your offerings to a high-value custom audience. This type of advertising will send laser-sharp messaging to your leads. You can also ask for your audience’s opinions and take advantage of them by serving them in exactly what they want.

Instagram has become the biggest avenue for fast-paced content consumption by inspiring others through beautiful imagery and endless entertainment. It has become important for brands to show more and talk less to capture the millennial audience. Above, we have outlined some of the best practices for you to follow. If you are still in testing mode and can’t figure out what’s best, let us know. 

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