How to Rank Your Business in Google Maps - Part 3

How to Rank Your Business in Google Maps - Part 3

Straight fact - 80% of local searches get converted. 

Local search can capture a large chunk of your audience, which is why is’t so important to stay on top of local search optimization. This is why Iron Marketers created this 3-part guide about Google Maps and how you can incorporate Google Maps into your local marketing campaigns

Let’s continue with the final part of this series and learn how to make the most of your Google Maps presence. 

How to Rank Better on Google Maps?

Here are the factors that can influence your Google Maps Rankings:

Consider Proximity while Optimizing

In Google Maps, search results are based on the user’s physical location. 

Register your business in Google My Business and optimize your listings with high searched keywords. Optimize your introduction and make the content informative and descriptive, after all, content is the king.

However, Google suggests a list of companies nearby with the closest store first when a user turns on his location service. So, you have to note that you can’t out-optimize the closest stores, nor can your competitors if you are the closest in proximity to the one searching.

Earn with Reviews

Do you know 91% of young customers trust reviews

You can imagine the impact it is going to leave on your business. Generally, you might have seen people turn to reviews to make a purchase decision. 

Smart consumers rely on user ratings and determine whether the company is a good fit or not. The better the reviews and ratings, the higher is the chance for you to rank. Make sure you have good reviews in abundance; so, you can see your business in a better position in Google search results.

Use Local Search Ads to Improve Your Sales

Studies suggest that with 84% of people conducting local searches, 3 out of every 4 people visit a store that results in 28% of people making a final purchase. 

To catch a great hold on local searches, you can invest in local search ads. It can help you increase both local foot traffic and brand awareness. 

You might have seen some ads appearing in the topmost section of Google searches with the word “Ad” attached to them, those are Google ads. You can invest in two types of local search ads:

Paid ads

Paid ads are standard pay-per-click (PPC) ads that feature your Google My Business listings for which you need to pay. These ads appear in the top section of local listings and have a green “ad” tag featuring a green pin on the map.

Promoted pins

Promoted pins are different from paid ads in the local search listings as these only appear in mobile. These also appear at the top of the results, but are shown in the purple “ad” box and pin on the map.

When a mobile user clicks on promotional pins, they can see your business information. So, you can set up a promoted pin or advertise coupons or in-store promotions to compel people to visit your regular store. 

Strategize Your Google Maps Marketing with Iron Marketers!

Want to drive more local leads to your business and double your in-store visits? 

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