How to Make Your Facebook Page SEO-Ready?

How to Make Your Facebook Page SEO-Ready?

Facebook is home to more than 200 million business pages. As we talk, more businesses are adding up to the numbers. It’s a real challenge to stand out amongst so many small and large businesses. To gain constant high engagement, different marketing strategies need employment to your Facebook business page.

One of the best ways to attract organic reach is the SEO optimization of your Facebook business page. It facilitates visibility not just on the platform but on search engines too. 

6 Tips to Improve Your Facebook Page SEO

Refer to our guide to making a successful Facebook business page. Afterward, use the following tips to master the Facebook SEO - 

Claim Your Facebook Vanity URL

The creation of a unique URL for your business page is crucial for representing your brand’s identity. Search engines also give weightage to URLs. Therefore, include your brand name and a keyword related to claim your Facebook vanity URL. It acts as your username in the URL box. 

You can do so in the ‘Manage Page’ settings. Choose the section ‘Edit Page Info’. Choose a username that you want to make your URL. 

Your Name is Important!

Once you choose a name for your page, it’s going to be your official recognition on Facebook. Also, Google crawlers give importance to the first word of your business name. 

Therefore, name it patiently. Strike a perfect balance between making it not too spammy and not generic. Think of something that is simple, relevant to your industry, and easy to remember. 

Use Keywords Strategically 

Just like websites, keyword addition is necessary for Facebook marketing. Include them strategically throughout your business page. However, be wary of stuffing keywords. Otherwise, it becomes spammy and irrelevant content. Make it keyword-friendly while prioritizing the quality and value of your content. 

Use keywords in -

Facebook Content - Post updates, post captions, ad copies, campaigns.

Facebook Account - About section, description, headline, title. 

Include Custom Tabs

Once you have a decent quantity of content on your business page, organize it categorically. Add custom tabs to make your posts easily accessible. Apart from the generic tabs, create new ones such as Videos, Posts, Photos, Reviews, Community, and Podcasts. It allows easy navigation of your profile. 

Leverage the Practice of Backlinking

Google prioritizes those businesses that have gained authority from third-party sources. It highlights that your content is valuable, relevant, trustworthy, and hence, worth ranking. Therefore, try to gain as many quality inbound links to your page as possible. 

Include links from other digital channels, like your website, blog, and Twitter profile. Employ influencer marketing in your strategy to get influencers to promote your product or service as a guest. 

Keep Your Profile Updated 

It’s crucial to keep all the information of your business accurate and updated all the time on the Facebook page. Include location and contact details positively, even though you have an online market. It plays a part in ranking your business page on the search engines for local SEO. 

SEO boosts the reach and visibility of your profile on both the platform and search engines. Employ precise optimization and enjoy the value it adds to your brand. 

To get help, you can reach out to Iron Marketers, an online marketing expert. We aim to boost the growth of our clients on all online platforms. 

To understand Facebook marketing from the basics, refer to our first part of the guide here.