The Digital Revolution is Here, are You Ready?

The Digital Revolution is Here, are You Ready?

Two decades ago, if someone told the marketers that one day, they would be able to be connected with their customers at all times and modify campaigns in real-time based on their results, they’d have laughed. 

The Internet and digitization have changed the way the world functions. Every industry has been impacted, but only a few witnessed innovations as drastic as in marketing. With the advent of digital marketing, marketers have the means to understand their customers in-depth and adopt strategies that induce positive responses.

In this blog, let us understand how the digital revolution has changed the marketing world, and brought customers closer to the brands.

3 Ways Digitalization have Changed Businesses

The Facility of Instant Communication

Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing doesn’t require you to wait for the customers to reach out to you. With the penetration of social media into online marketing, you can communicate to your customers and other audience members quite easily. According to Statista, close to 92 percent of U.S. businesses use social media for marketing purposes today.

Be it Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or any other social media platform, you can get feedback instantaneously. Moreover, you can address customer queries and be more accessible to your customers. You also have options such as live chat for customers to connect you on your websites. 

The Gift of Data Analytics

Today, customers want brands to treat them as unique individuals and serve them with a personalized experience. Digitalization has allowed businesses and marketers to gain a tremendous amount of knowledge about their customers. It provides real-time metrics and customer insights to make decisions for facilitating enhanced experience to customers.

With a data analytics team in your company, you can assess the most vital and relevant customer metrics and use them to create customer-focused content. Be it web analytics, social media data, email marketing, blog, and content creation, or lead generation, diving deep into their study dictates your business ROI.

More Human Face of Brand

Do you see yourself doing business with a brand that you don’t trust? No, right? The same goes for your customers.

For customers to be able to trust your business, they need to connect with you. Ironically, to do so, businesses have begun to humanize their brand through digital mediums. As crazy as the combination sounds, it makes sense as customers remember those brands that they can connect with. 

Telling your brand’s story, including the pictures of your employees on your website or social media, creating an online community, communicating with customers develops relevancy, and customers begin developing a relationship with you. 

The bottom line is, transitioning how your business functions with the change in technological radar are vital to making your business successful. The brands that have adopted the digital surge are ahead of their competitors and will continue to drive high revenue.

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