Grow Your Business Like Fungi!

Grow Your Business Like Fungi!

Do you know what the largest organism on the planet is? No it’s not an elephant or even a whale, it’s a fungus. One in particular, the honey mushroom covers 2,384 acres of soil in Oregon's Blue Mountains. Put another way, this humongous fungus would encompass 1,665 football fields, or nearly four square miles. So what’s this have to do with marketing? Fungi doesn’t start this way, they are the largest because they continue to network together, and the more your network, the more your business’ presence will grow too. Read on to learn more about networking your business and growing your digital presence.

We spend eight hours a day online, which is more than half a day. We come across several ads, Google searches, firms that converse with different personalities that reside in us - hobbyists (gaming), alter egos (Reddit), social butterflies (Facebook), professionals (LinkedIn), and consumers (what we're focusing on in this post). 

Have you ever wondered how to attract the right personality on the right platform? That's where you need to make your presence felt. Do you want your target audience to know you and remember you? Here are five tips to make that happen. 

5 Tips to Enhance Your Network & Digital Presence

Keep your eyes and ears open

The initial step you need to take to develop your online presence further is to listen cautiously. Know whether people are discussing you or not and how they are discussing it. Likewise, consistently keep on top of the buzz using your brand's content. 

If the ongoing trends aren't centered around your industry, keep an eye on what's happening on the other side. You may never know; a funny meme on a Squid Game may bring your business new clients. Use tools like Google Alerts and Feedly to stay updated on the latest trends.

Make your presence present

In addition to using keyword research tools, ask at least ten existing customers what they'd type on Google to search for a business like yours. Those will be your additional keywords. 

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Browse through the old inquiries you've got online and check if people used any particular words to address your business. Jot down the most common ones and prepare an FAQ section on the same. Embed those keywords in your web pages to make them rank on the top. 

Reach out to the ones far away

Email marketing works the best when you're targeting a potential lead and want to convert it. Elaborate on how you can solve an existing problem with an example of how you've solved a previous one. We can't guarantee you the conversion rates, but your website's digital footprint will undoubtedly rise. Do you want to try this? Schedule a call with us. 

Make some noise with reviews

Do your existing customers keep coming back for more? Use that opportunity to publish a review on their name. Ask them to write what they feel about you and add it as a badge on your website. You can also leverage Google My Business to reply to customer queries and respond to positive/negative reviews. 

Claim your platform 

Where do your customers stay online the most? Is it LinkedIn, FB, Instagram, or Twitter? Decode the preferable platform of your audience and post content relevant to their pain point. This increases your brand authority and helps in building a thought leadership position against your competitors. 

Start improving your digital presence today. 

Are you still in search of the right way to enhance your brand presence? We've worked with several clients across the world and helped them connect with their potential customers. 

Schedule a call with Iron Marketers and let's talk on how we can skyrocket your brand's presence.