Get More Leads from Your Digital Marketing

Get More Leads from Your Digital Marketing

When the Internet had initially begun becoming the second home for businesses, designing a lead-generating website was straightforward. You could add a colorful call-to-action button to your website and watch the leads pour in.

Fast forward to 2021, the competition in the world of Internet marketing is intense. With billions of websites out there, getting found by your target audience is no easy feat. Therefore, digital marketing is now coupled with modern and advanced lead generation techniques that result in revenue generation.

In today’s marketing tip, we bring you the most effective ways to optimize your website for lead generation. Let’s dive in!

Actionable Lead Generation Techniques for Your Website

Create a Landing Page

A landing page is specifically designed to capture leads. When a visitor visits your website, rather than arriving on your homepage, they arrive at a landing page. It has a form or an info pop-up box that asks for personal information about the visitor. The information can include name, contact number, and email address. 

It is the best method to collect leads, especially if you are running a campaign. In exchange for a deal that directs visitors to your website, you can streamline their path to conversions. We recommend creating multiple landing pages for specified actions. 

Implement Lead Magnets 

Receiving consistent traffic to your website is good news. However, not every user is ready to purchase your product or service instantly, even if they find it useful. You can implement lead magnets for them. Lead magnets are business-relevant resources and are, therefore, valuable for the users. It presents you as an authoritative figure who has multiple means to follow up with the potential customers through the resources. The most effective lead magnets are e-books, whitepapers, websites, online email courses, webinars, and free trials of the product. 

Tailor Your CTAs for Every Webpage

A visitor should find it easy to figure out their way to the result on your website. Call-to-Action ( CTAs ) direct a user to take the next step in their buying journey. Therefore, do not limit them to just landing pages. 

Make your website CTA-rich to guide users step-by-step to the desired action. For example, a user discovered your website through your blog. At this stage, they may find your resources useful, but they are less likely to make a purchase. However, if they get to know more about you, they may get a push in the desired direction. Your CTA should drive the user to the ‘About Us’ page first. The further process should drive them to the sales page. 

Optimize Your Website Professionally

Your visitors need to have a functional website design that also defines the level of your professionalism. Optimize the security of your website and get an SSL certificate. If visitors find your website unsafe, they will not be willing to release their contact information, nor make a purchase. 

Mobile-Friendly and Current Websites

Approximately 50% of your website visits are from mobile users. Therefore, make your website mobile-friendly. Keep the content of your website relevant and updated. Also, do not show negligence towards broken links. 

Lead-generating websites should be the primary focus of every business looking to grow and maintain. If you want consistent leads, optimize your website continuously. The set-and-forget way of handling your digital marketing is long gone. Improve the experience of your website strategically and gather leads. 

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