Feed Their Digital Addiction

Feed Their Digital Addiction

It’s no secret that selling addictive items like caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, & gambling have people coming back for more. But what if the addiction is a channel that you can use to market to your audience? Social media and connected devices are undoubtedly addictive and it’s time you put this captive audience in your marketing lineup. 

Almost everyone loves Facebook and LinkedIn, and can't resist the temptation to scroll your Instagram feed and check the latest posts. 

We get it - you need your social media fix. 

However, smart marketers recognize social networks as a brilliant opportunity to drive massive traffic and build a loyal community of brand advocates. They craft compelling and goal-centric social media posts to market their product/service and establish the rapport of a credible brand. 

Now, if you struggle to create awesome social content that inspires or converts, do not worry. And trust us, you are not alone either. Creating social media posts that perform well on popular platforms Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn is often a tough row to hoe. But we’re here to help!. 

In the last post, we explained how you can create click-worthy ad copies, and today, we'll share the secret sauce to create social posts that drive terrific engagement for you. Let's dive in. 

Tips to create engaging social media content

Let's take a look at some practical tips that can help you engage better on social media.

Do your research

Do your research to make your posts highly relevant to your target audience. Understand your audience, their requirements, challenges and develop content that addresses them.

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Create Interactive Content

Interactive posts that inspire conversation or trigger action are a great way to nurture social media engagement. Contests and offers are a great way to engage with your audience. Hold a Giveaway or Follow Us discount offer. You can also create Tag a friend content where the social audience can tag their friends on relatable posts.

Master the art of storytelling with images and videos

Visuals are more engaging to capture attention and connect. Images and videos can be an engaging way to share stories. You can share a client story or your brand story and create a real connection with your audience. 

Follow the KISS rule with a pinch of creativity

Social media has a short shelf life. You need to create content that catches attention and stays in the audience's mind in a short time. Follow the rule of KISS (Keep it Short and Simple) to create your social media posts.

Include a Call-to-Action

Call-to-Action invites action. You can encourage your audience to take action on your posts by adding a CTA in your posts. 

Go live 

Live video is a compelling way to catch the attention of your audience and engage with them in real-time. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer Live video sharing options.

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So, if you are facing trouble coming up with an engaging social post, check out the tips stated above.

If you need help developing a social media strategy or getting started with your social media management, Iron Marketers has a professional team of social media experts who can develop, execute, and deliver result-oriented social media campaigns for your business. Get in touch with our team to discuss your marketing needs. Also, stay tuned for more fresh and useful content.