Everything You Need to Know about Instagram Ads

Everything You Need to Know about Instagram Ads

Looking for a way to increase brand awareness? Or drive higher conversion? Or strategic targeting? 

If yes, nothing can be better than Instagram Ads. It is the second most downloaded free app having 1 billion users every month

With a potential advertising reach of 849.3 million users, Instagram is popular among marketers. Considering its mammoth power as an advertising tool, we have already discussed the benefits of advertising on Instagram in the previous blog of our Instagram series- Benefits of Instagram Advertising

Today, we’ll discuss different types of Instagram ads that you can use to create well-rounded campaigns to attract more conversions. Let’s get started. 

6 Popular Types of Instagram Ads

If you have considered Instagram ads for your next ad campaign, we have got you covered. Here are six different types of ads that you can use to fulfill your objectives. Let’s start:

Photo Ads

Photo ads are a basic type of ads to start with. These are clean and simple ads that are created using images in landscape or square format. You can use these ads to support specific objectives like app installs, catalog sales, conversions, engagement, lead generation, traffic, and brand awareness. If you are already creating engaging visual content, photo ads will help you showcase your offerings. Make sure you select the best call to action that supports your goal.

Video Ads

If photo ads don’t suffice you, and you want to add some motion, sound, and graphics, go for video ads. Video ads support objectives like conversions, app installs, lead generation, video views and engagement, and brand awareness. Shorter videos are better for catching the viewers’ attention, whereas longer videos are better at showing more product/service details and vetting interest levels and engagement by measuring the amount of time the viewer watched the video.

Carousel Ads

Carousel ads are those that let you swipe through the series of images or videos with a converting call to action that connects the audience directly to your business. You can best use this ad format to showcase step-by-step guides about how to use your products or services. It supports business goals like app installs, lead generation, engagement, sales, and conversion. This way, you can share a multi-part story about your offerings and let your audience dive deep into it by scrolling ten images or videos at a time.

Collection Ads

Collection ads are the best way to encourage direct sales by giving your audience a chance to purchase directly from the ad. As the user clicks on the ad, then he/she is directed to an Instagram Instant Experience Store Front. If you want to showcase your exclusive range of products and weave a story around your brand, collection ads are the ideal option. You can encourage catalog sales, conversions, store traffic, and engagement by tapping into the powerful combination of images, videos, and direct response marketing.

Ads in Explore

Explore is an Instagram screen that users use to discover products or services other than the accounts they are already following. This type of ad supports goals like brand awareness, engagement, and traffic by targeting users who are on discovery mode and looking for inspiration. Make sure the ads you post have great content that adds value with a clear action path for users by giving them a set of steps to be followed while describing the final result.

Story Ads

Story ads are a great way to grow your follower base, with around 500+ Million users viewing story ads every day. You can take advantage of numerous features that Instagram story ads offer, like face filters, video effects, and texts to create engaging posts. Also, you can use the swipe up feature at the bottom of the story to direct your users to your website. It supports objectives, like traffic, app installs, engagement, conversions, brand awareness, lead generation, and video views. As a lot of people watch stories every day, make sure to create an engaging post with music or voice to make it stand out.

Instagram ads are a cheap and effective way to promote your business and connect with the masses. Above were different ad formats that you can use to make a difference for your brand or content. So, now that you have got the necessary information about different Instagram ads, are you ready to try Instagram ads?

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