Don’t Make These Website Mistakes

Don’t Make These Website Mistakes

Your website is your digital imprint in the Internet-led world. It marks the online presence of your business and is the first and primary virtual point of contact for businesses. 

Given the significance of a website, it’s startling that about one in every four small businesses still do not have a website. However, statistics show a reassuring figure of 44% of small businesses that plan to create a website in 2021.

If you’re one of them, you do not want to create a mess of your website and put the health of your business at risk. We are here with a list of mistakes that you should avoid when building your small business website. 

3 Mistakes to Avoid While Building a Business Website

Not Creating a Site as Unique as Your Biz

Your website goes on to become the face of your business. Therefore, you need a website that represents your brand in all aspects - the overall look, theme, and style. 

No matter the platform you’re using, if you’re not customizing the website theme to go in sync with your website style and requirements, you’re negatively impacting the user’s experience. Moreover, a template website does not help you stand out among your competitors. With no personalization, your website looks just like a thousand others on the web, ruining your USP.

Hard-to-Read Website Copy

If you think you need jargon and ornamental words to make your website copy look clever, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Your audience does not care about what you say but how you say it. A clean, straightforward, jargon-free website copy communicates information the right way to the users. 

Also, your copywriting design needs to be easy on the eyes too. Inconsistent font sizes, resembling font colors, or kid-oriented font styles turn off the users. Go for the design elements that make reading the content easier. 

Falling for SEO Myths

Search engine optimization is the crowned head of digital marketing. Every business owner hopes to place their website on the top of the SERPs as fast as possible.

However, website SEO takes time and consistent efforts. Oftentimes, businesses fall for wrong SEO tactics or myths to generate quick results that end up backfiring at the rankings. Here are some of those you should stay steer clear of -

  • Keyword stuffing improves ranking - Keyword stuffing is a black-hat SEO tactic that hurts rankings.
  • Backlinking is useless - It’s not and is one of the best inputs for search engines to understand what’s popular on the web. However, backlinks should be quality and not spammy, low authority sites.
  • Mobile responsiveness is irrelevant - About 50% of web traffic comes from mobile devices. Mobile responsiveness is essential. 

One mistake may not cost you much. However, if your website creation involves a series of mistakes, all your website optimization efforts will go in vain. 

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