Display Remarketing Campaigns - Advanced Strategies PT 6

Display Remarketing Campaigns - Advanced Strategies PT 6

Marketing is not just a culmination of software tools, ads and campaigns, it takes a lot of setup and ongoing research and refinement to have a converting, well-rounded campaign. While ad retargeting is only one aspect, it's one that often gets left out or is the least understood. Today we dive into understanding remarketing better and how to decide the best approach to your campaign.

There’s an abundance of choices on the Internet. Before investing your time and money in a product or service, you need to make sure it’s the right choice by means of researching and exploring other options. To consider your business as an option, you need to remind people about yourselves again and again. On average, it takes 5-8 touchpoints for a visitor to convert into a consumer. But again, everyone out there is doing it. And therefore, you need to put in extra efforts and adapt advanced ad remarketing strategies. Let’s make you travel through that road today -

Sequential Display Remarketing Campaign

Depending on the industry, a customer takes a particular period of time to be converted into a consumer. If the product or service is a necessity, the time lag could be 0-1 days. If it’s a luxury product, the time lag could stretch to as many as 30 days, or even more. 

In Google Analytics, you’re provided with a time-lag report under the ‘Multi-channel Funnels’ in ‘Conversions’. You may have varied conversion groups, for example, 30% may convert in 2-3 days and remaining may convert after 15 days. In such cases, create a sequential display remarketing campaign that creates different remarketing strategies for separate groups. For example, You may need to bid higher or promote a more convincing brand message for the remaining 70%. This campaign will help you to divide your audience into different segments and target each of them separately.

Content Remarketing

Content strategies are an important part of remarketing to build trust with the audience. When customers aren’t engaging with general ad retargeting strategies, redirect your blogs at them. It might not lead to direct conversions but will increase your brand’s awareness and value in the eyes of your target. This will benefit you in the future. 

Past Purchase Based Remarketing Campaign

Most marketers focus on just bringing in new customers. But first, you should focus on your existing user base. 

According to statistics, 20% of them will bring in 80% of your future revenue. Moreover, your current user base is a source for mouth publicity of your product or services. Therefore, invest your time in remarketing campaigns that focus on your current customers along with the new ones. You can create an educational campaign or invite them to a webinar. You can also offer them free delivery on their next purchase or vouchers for recommendations to their friends and family.

Since the competition is fierce, you need to give an extra push in your marketing efforts. That’s where taking help from a leading digital marketing agency like Iron Marketers pays off. Experts from the agency can quickly circle on the absence of ad retargeting strategies and will help you plan them. Reach out to us right now and plan the best of remarketing campaigns with us!