Build Your Marketing Muscle with Facebook Strategies!

Build Your Marketing Muscle with Facebook Strategies!

Just like physical muscle building, marketing and advertising take disciplined and regimented movements to build your marketing muscle! Keep reading to find out how Facebook strategies can help build your Business Marketing Muscle.

Facebook, the first social media platform to launch ads, still reigns as one of the most widely used platforms. Users spend an average of 50 minutes per day on this platform. It reflects the fact that Facebook has massive marketing potential for businesses. 

In our last part of the Facebook Marketing series, we explained how the Facebook algorithm works. In today’s part, we will suggest the marketing practices to grow your reach on Facebook.

Let’s start!

Proven Facebook Marketing Strategies to Build Your Marketing Muscles

Use Facebook Advertising

Once you set up your Facebook business page, you have to promote it to your potential clients. Posting content is the first step, but no one will know of your existence magically unless you deliver viral posts ( creating a viral post is a myth ).

If your organic growth is increasing, you are good. However, if you have stagnant growth, take the help of Facebook ads. With nominal charges, you can promote your posts and account and receive qualified leads.  

Create or Join Facebook Groups

Marketing could be the primary objective of the Facebook account of your business. However, direct marketing is spammy and useless for your audience. Therefore, invest your time in indirect marketing strategies like Facebook groups. 

There are Facebook groups for every topic on the platform. Join the one that is relevant to your business or products. You can grow your influence by connecting with like-minded people of the industry and prospective clients. 

Make sure the group you are joining is active. If it is not, you can also create a group and invite people to join. It may take time to build community but if you are genuine, you will build relationships. 

Direct Website Traffic to Facebook Page

For every 12 people, there are 10 web users. A user gets a query, and instinctively reaches out to the Google search box. If you have an SEO-optimized website, your chances they’ll visit your site goes up. 

The majority of the users do not purchase a product or service in their first or even second visit. However, if you direct a user to your Facebook page,  your constant appearance on their feed may act as a catalyst in their purchasing decision. 

Plan a Content Strategy

Facebook wants users to consume meaningful and engaging content through its platform. It is not a self-promotion algorithm. Therefore, if you include extensive promotional content in your strategy, not just users, there’s a chance Facebook will disapprove of your ad. 

Plan the right mix of content. Make one-third of your content to inform, educate, and entertain. Use the other one-third to engage with your audience, and the rest to promote your business. 

Encourage Your Team to be Your Facebook Supporters

Make your employees your brand ambassadors on Facebook. Request your team to share information about your brand on the platform. It could be planned or candid photos, videos, stories, or personal experiences. Doing so makes your brand authentic and human. Hence, the audience feels more connected to you. 

Facebook marketing strategies can build the marketing muscle your business needs! Use these valuable tools to promote your businesses’ priorities and grow your reach.

If marketing feels overwhelming to do on your own, reach out to an online marketing expert. Iron Marketers, a leading digital marketing agency, can help you with marketing on Facebook and many other channels. Feel free to reach out to us anytime!