Benefits of Facebook Marketing Part 1

Benefits of Facebook Marketing Part 1

When you look at social media, it is continuously growing, and new social networks come out every day. With every social media network comes a new opportunity where you can promote your business. However, this doesn’t mean that your target audience uses all of them, but the one platform that everyone is well aware of is Facebook. 

Launched in 2004, it is still the most used social media platform with 2.45 billion monthly active users. Interestingly, it is evolving with each passing day that has attracted the users as well as the marketers. You will be surprised to know that 300 million people use Facebook stories every day. Around 90 million businesses have come on Facebook to market their products and services, considering the huge potential. 

All these trends indicate the major theme, which will be the continuous growth of Facebook Ads where every business will try its hands. Looking at the huge potential of Facebook in the digital marketing industry, we are here with another exciting blog series on Facebook Marketing!

In the very first blog of the series, we will emphasize the basics of Facebook marketing and its benefits that will encourage you to invest in Facebook marketing. So, let’s start:

What is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook marketing is a platform that allows communication building with the target audience through highly targeted paid advertisements along with organic posts. It has a huge coverage that encompasses the audience at the global level. You are provided with huge opportunities to tailor your business promotion through ad campaigns while targeting a specific audience.

Apart from this, if you lack resources to promote your business through ads, you can also go the organic way to build a sound relationship with the audience. Also, the most tempting part of Facebook marketing is that it can integrate other marketing channels. These include email, mobile, SEO, or Facebook messenger that you can use to develop a smart marketing mix. It will help you increase your brand awareness.

Benefits of Facebook Marketing

Being a huge marketing channel, Facebook can be greatly beneficial for you in different ways. Let’s see what Facebook marketing has to offer you:

Increased Traffic

If you have an official website for your business, you can use Facebook to promote your website that will drive your target audience to your website. This way, highly qualified leads will land on your website who have the intent to make a purchase. It will help you improve credibility and authority in your audiences’ minds, which will encourage them to take action.

Excellent Opportunities for Promotion

Facebook gives you great opportunities to promote your business in different ways through various ad formats. You can use both text and video format to showcase your offerings, promote your business, show behind the scenes, demonstrate a range of products through carousel ads, and many more.

Establishes Quick Communication

When we look at today’s marketing scenario, we see that phone calls have become a thing of the past. People have run out of patience and now look for easy ways to connect with the brand, which they find through social media. And, Facebook Messenger is one of the easiest and quickest ways to establish communication for both users and marketers. Also, you can use chatbots on the page to imitate real conversation that will provide a quick solution to common issues.

Helps Improve SEO

Facebook marketing will inevitably have a positive impact on your SEO. It will help you drive an already engaged audience onto your website that will boost the traffic and increase its chances to rank in SERPs. Moreover, Facebook marketing also improves visibility through keyword optimization and helps build links through social shares.

So, above were some of the benefits of advertising on Facebook, but as you progress with Facebook, you will come to know many more.

This makes it to the end of our first blog of the Facebook Marketing series, we will be back with another blog soon! As a reward for diligence towards reading the bog, we have got special social media marketing packages for you. If you are a busy entrepreneur, it is going to be a blessing for you, where you will get expert advice and a smart strategy to promote your business.

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