Are FAQs Important? A Good Question!

Are FAQs Important? A Good Question!

Top 7 reasons why your website should have a Frequently Asked Questions page 

How often have you abandoned a site after jumping from page to page, searching for information with no luck? 

If you're like most people, chances are you've visited a website and had a question to which you couldn't find the answer. So what did you do? You probably left the site and went to another that could give you the information you were looking for.  

This is where an FAQ page comes in. FAQ, or Frequently Asked Questions, pages are designed to give visitors the answers to the questions they're likely to have about your product, service, or company.  

This blog post will explore some of the top reasons your website should have an FAQ page.  

What Are FAQs & Why Are They Important for Your Website? 

FAQ is Frequently Asked Questions and is a separate page on your website containing information your customers may want to know about your products and services. 

Let’s have a quick look over the advantages of an effective FAQ page for your small business website-  

Helps With Organic Search 

Successful FAQ pages answer questions about your business and generic questions about your industry and competitors. Such answers can bring in new customers who didn’t know about your website. They found an answer through your FAQ section and clicked to learn more.  

Makes Ideal Featured Snippets 

Google highlights content that directly answers the search query in a Featured Snippet. Getting your content featured in a snippet can drastically increase traffic to your website as its link click-throughs are much higher than other results.  

Enhances User Experience 

95% of consumers believe that a good customer experience is vital to brand loyalty. But scrolling web pages or jumping from one page to another while looking for a specific answer steals points from customer experience.  

Eliminate unnecessary browsing by compiling answers to common questions in the FAQ section. Ensure the section is easy to find so that it becomes a central place to find the answers users need. 

Makes Customer Service Prompt 

The FAQ section is a single page to get answers to all commonly asked questions. If it’s not there, your site visitors will call or text you to get answers to questions you could have answered over the website.  

With a good FAQ section in place, you can help users with complicated questions over personal assistance. 

Addresses New Customers’ Service Issues 

Ensure your FAQ section is an ever-evolving record of customer concerns and interactions. Be it a small update or a minor policy change, add it to your FAQ section. This way, new customers can access the most up-to-date information on your site. 

Helps You Serve Your Audience Better 

When you actively try to look for Frequently Asked Questions by customers, you get to know your customers on a deeper level. It’s because you dive deep into their needs, desires, and challenges in a way that will positively shape every aspect of your business. 

Establishes Trust 

Your audience starts trusting you when they feel you care about them. A well-developed FAQ section shows that you are invested in helping your customers find solutions. It goes a long way toward creating a sense of trust for your brand.  

If created correctly, a fantastic FAQ page can be effective for your brand and create more potential for traffic and sales for your business. 

Do you want to see a great FAQ page template or a Frequently Asked Questions example? Head over to Iron MArketers FAQ section.