Accelerate Your Business - Top 5 Benefits of Marketing Automation

Accelerate Your Business - Top 5 Benefits of Marketing Automation

Lately, marketing automation has become a functionality that translates into the bottom-line return. 

According to Nucleus Research, marketing automation enhances sales productivity by 14.5% and offers a 12.2% reduction in marketing overhead. Besides streamlining your marketing campaigns and helping departments work efficiently, marketing automation has several other benefits that can help you grow your business at an astonishing rate. Let’s discuss them in detail in today’s blog. 

Improve lead acquisition

Lead generation becomes a breeze with a marketing automation tool. A marketing automation tool does everything from automating targeted outreach, acquiring leads, and bringing them into your marketing and sales pipelines. 

For example, sell local sanitary ware, you can use your marketing automation tool to segregate an audience that likes luxury, premium, and local sanitary ware. The last one would be your primary audience, but you can market your content to all the customer segments with a marketing automation tool. This helps you drive more qualified leads at each marketing funnel’s stage. Marketing automation delivers the right message to the right customer at the right time. 

Marketing and sales alignment

Aligning sales and marketing goals on a different platform will lead you nowhere. 

Marketing automation tools help you combine both on a single platform where the process of a marketing-qualified lead to a sales-qualified lead is much easier. It enables you to generate more leads and improve sales. Your marketing team can brainstorm new ways to improve the conversion rate while your sales team enhances productivity. 

Effective spend management

Marketing automation allows you to invest your business spending in decisions that can take your organizations to the next level rather than tying them up in labor costs. Automating essential marketing tasks enable a better view of the jobs that need to be done manually and the task force you need to invest in, which means better efficiency in time and money. Marketing automation guarantees a positive ROI when implemented effectively. 

Accurate reporting

Creating reports and analyzing them may seem daunting, but marketing automation tools make it a breeze. 

Not only does it generate automated reports, but the overview you get sums up all the presentations you’ve worked on, which seems like simplifying a complicated task. When you can find out where things are going wrong, you have a chance to improvise it. Are your leads leaving during lead nurturing email campaigns or sales processes? Marketing automation tools help you cater to the blind spots and address them timely. 

Lead scoring 

When a marketing-qualified lead is moved to a sales-qualified lead, marketing automation tools can score the leads and notify teams about the same. While this speaks for better alignment between sales and marketing teams, it also automates the process that ensures there’s no time wasted in reaching out to the leads, and the sales team can contact them immediately. 

Accelerate your business processes by automating menial tasks. Switching to a marketing automation tool is like having an Autobot do all your marketing; do you want to lose it? No, right! But yes, if you need some expert tips on choosing the best one for your business, Iron Marketers is here to help. Contact us today - we’ll be happy to set your campaigns to autopilot mode!