3 Link Building Strategies You Need to Implement!

3 Link Building Strategies You Need to Implement!

In regards to how Google ranks you for particular keywords, your website is like your resume, backlinks are your reference checks and the job is the #1 spot on the search results for that keyword or phrase. So similar to a reference check for a job application, a high quality referral from the CEO of Mega Corp may land you the job right away. Whereas a referral from the slimy used car dealer that rips everyone off may lose your chance at the job. In the digital job application, we want referrals but only from qualified sites, otherwise those backlinks can have a negative impact.

Let’s face it; link building isn’t easy. While we all know that more links = higher website traffic, however, attracting high-quality links to your website takes a lot of time and effort. And for busy business owners like you, it isn’t always possible to completely focus on one area of boosting your business’s digital presence. So here we are, with the three most effective link-building strategies for you. 

Guest blogging 

Guest blogging is one of the most mentioned names in the link building department. Most marketers use this technique to reach their audience and promote their backlink portfolio. All you need to do is search for "Guest Posting Sites [Industry Name]," and you'll find a plethora of options to explore and share an article. By hyperlinking your website in the article you've written, you can drastically improve your website's traffic. While there's no mandatory section where you can place your website link, most marketers prefer the "About the author" section or the text body of the blog with a no-follow attribute. Leverage link-building tools to choose the blog on which you want to guest post your link. Study the website's ratings and visibility to ensure you're getting noticed by your target audience.  

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Links List pages and Resources

Links List pages and Resources are the safest choices for link building as these can be applied with the LTB's prospects. This technique is pretty simple; you have to provide your customer with high-quality content for a particular niche as a resource page to place the link of their website. For example, you can write quality content about cricket to approach someone who wants to place the website link on it. It is advisable to use LBT as keywords to find someone who would place a website link on your content or reach someone who would like to place your website link on their post.

Social Media Backlinks 

The efficiency of this strategy is quite high when it comes to promoting brands and presenting oneself as an expert. The creation of a personalized profile along with a reliable community can significantly hike your profile to a great height. Social media Backlinks work best for uplifting the brand traffic and excellent exposure of the writer. 

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